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An Open Letter Re: The ACE DVDS 4 VETS 169-Days of Service Campaign

As many of you know, the Auto Collision Experts (ACE) Mechanic Speak blog is normally reserved for industry news, events and helpful information related to the NOCO community and our respective collision/automotive repair industry.  We pride ourselves on finding and sharing meaningful content with our valued-customers through this wonderful interactive medium.  This blog entry however is going to be a little different.  In this blog entry, we've decided to set aside general industry news and focus on something specific, something near and dear to our hearts ... our returning Veterans.  

If you are a current customer of Auto Collision Experts ACE, you know all too well that we proudly support our brave men and women in uniform.  More than just a saying or occasional catch-phrase, we believe now more than ever, that Freedom isn't Free.  Our love of country and support of those that serve and protect us, consistently drives our desire to integrate opportunities that help raise regional awareness in support of NOCO Veterans.  

On Memorial Day 2013, we launched our DVDS 4 VETS 169-days of service campaign to honor NOCO Veterans.  Our hope then as it is now ... to raise awareness for a wonderful organization called DVDS 4 VETS.  Without politically affiliation, DVDS 4 VETS accepts no  financial assistance from donors.  What they do accept, in the form of a donation, are DVDs.  They do this throughout the United States, soliciting movie/motion picture companies, distributors, retailers, etc., for used and new DVDS.  Those donated DVDS are then distributed to Veterans facilities across the country, providing Veterans with a brief respite, some momentary entertainment during the hardship and battle of physical and psychological injuries sustained while serving their country.  

  • The ACE DVDS 4 VETS 169-days of service campaign is now moving into it's third and final phase which primarily focuses on donations from the general public.  There are three simple ways you can donate to this very worthy cause:
  • Take a moment to go through your personal DVD collection to see if you have any used DVDS that could be donated to our campaign.  
  • The next time you're out shopping, please consider buying new DVDS as a donation to our campaign.  


Finally, for those who wish to do so, you can make a cash donation of $7.99 or more towards the purchase of new DVDS.  100% of all campaign cash donations will be used to purchase new DVDS for NOCO Veterans facilities.    

Whether you're coming in to ACE for service or simply driving by, you can drop off the used or new DVDS or make a cash donation at either of our two conveniently located Fort Collins shops.

Please note:  All DVD donations will be delivered to NOCO Veterans facilities in mid-November.

There's still plenty of time to participate and make donations.  Our DVDS 4 VETS 169-days of service campaign runs through Veterans Day, November 11, 2013.  For more information on our campaign or to find our how to make a DVD or cash donation, please see our dedicated campaign web page here.  For more information on the DVDS 4 VETS organization, please see a link to their website here.

Thank you for your consideration.

DVDs For Vets



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