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Auto Collision Experts has always done great work for me. I would definitely recommend them to friends and family.

Greg , Fort Collins
2000 Chevrolet Corvette, September 2019

My favorite part was how clean my car was inside and out. It made me so happy! Thank you!

Melyssa , Fort Collins
2011 Toyota Highlander, September 2019

Cory is terrific! He’s great at communicating and I’m 100% satisfied!

Meredith , Johnstown
2018 Subaru Outback, September 2019

Auto Collision Experts did such a great job on my vehicle. They performed all work satisfactorily and kept me informed on the progress. Very satisfied!

Diane , Fort Collins
2017 BMW X1, September 2019

Excellent overall repair experience. I would definitely recommend Auto Collision Experts!

Tamara & John , Fort Collins
2019 Toyota Tacoma, September 2019

The team at Auto Collision Experts did a fantastic job on our car. I’m very pleased.

Amanda , Windsor
2011 Honda Odyssey, September 2019

Auto Collision Experts is an excellent shop. It’s refreshing to experience knowledgeable, quality-oriented service.

Bill , Windsor
2001 Chevrolet Silverado, September 2019

Satisfied with the service from Auto Collision Experts!

Gary , Fort Collins
2005 Toyota Sienna, September 2019

Brice with Auto Collision Experts provided exceptional customer service. Very satisfied!

Susan , Fort Collins
2015 Subaru Forester, September 2019

Thank you Auto Collision Experts for fixing my car quickly and keeping me updated so frequently. Everything was excellent! You are all amazing!

Jason , Wellington
2017 Kia Niro, September 2019

Very pleased. I will definitely use Auto Collision Experts for any of my future service needs.

Van , Fort Collins
2013 Buick Encore, September 2019

Auto Collision Experts provides excellent customer service and high quality workmanship.

Gina , Fort Collins
2003 Ford Explorer, June 2019

Auto Collision Experts, especially Ashley, made sure I was updated throughout the whole repair process. Much appreciated. Thanks!

Andrew , Fort Collins
2006 Lexus RX 400, June 2019

Auto Collision Experts provides excellent customer service and highest level workmanship.

Evelyn , Cheyenne
2015 Ford Taurus, June 2019

All around good experience! Very friendly people; repair completed a day early - very nice! Keep up the excellent work ACE!

Tanner , Loveland
2016 Ford F-150, June 2019

Superior customer service! Fantastic work! Keep up the high quality!

Kelli , Fort Collins
2018 Volvo XC60, June 2019

Everyone at Auto Collision Experts was very helpful through the entire process. Excellent work all around! Thank you!

Darren , Fort Collins
2005 Honda Civic, June 2019

Auto Collision Experts is great!

Keturah , Platteville
2005 Toyota Camry, June 2019

Outstanding job! Excellent work and communication! Thanks Auto Collision Experts!

Chad , Fort Collins
2014 Ford F-150, June 2019

Shop communicated well. Work was done early. Extremely satisfied! Thanks!

Matthew , Fort Collins
2018 Toyota RAV4, June 2019

The staff at Auto Collision Experts were very thorough with updates and providing estimates for completion.

Sara , Cheyenne
2012 Mazda 3, June 2019

I very much appreciate the excellent communication and regular updates from the staff at Auto Collision Experts. Thank you for a terrific job!

Sheri Jo , Fort Collins
2006 Toyota Highlander, June 2019

They were honest, dependable, and did wonderful work!

Alex , Fort Collins
2016 Dodge Challenger, April 2019

Great service and great work!

Traci , Fort Collins
2013 Kia Sorento, April 2019

The person I worked with at the shop was very professional and helpful!

Shiho , Fort Collins
2002 Toyota Corolla, April 2019

Auto Collision Experts does an outstanding job!

Alex , Livermore
2016 Toyota 4Runner, April 2019

You rock! Keep doing what you are doing!

Kristi , Fort Collins
2007 Toyota Camry, April 2019

When I picked up my car it was cleaned and the repair was perfect! I was very happy with the shop! They’re at the top of their game!

Vicky , Wellington
2015 Chevrolet Traverse, April 2019

They met all my expectations!

Mike , Loveland
2017 Subaru Outback, April 2019

This was the best service I have ever received!

Dave , Loveland
2015 Toyota Tacoma, April 2019

Super friendly customer service! Great quality! Auto Collision Experts is awesome!

Danielle , Johnstown
2016 Honda Civic, April 2019

We come back to Auto Collision Experts because we have always received such good service.

Clay , Windsor
2013 Dodge 1500, April 2019

I will recommend Auto Collision Experts to all I know! Excellent company! Excellent workmanship and customer service!

Kathy , Windsor
2015 Kia Sorento, April 2019

The car was cleaned by the shop - inside and outside!

Patrick , Windsor
2013 Honda Accord, April 2019

Very friendly, efficient and trustworthy! Tyler went above and beyond to help me get the car repaired!

Clarice , Windsor
2015 Lexus ES 350, April 2019

Have used Auto Collision Experts multiple times and it’s the ONLY place we will go!

Daniel & Tamara , Greeley
2007 Pontiac Grand Prix, April 2019

Auto Collision Experts completed the repairs over a week ahead of their estimated completion date and gave me weekly updates!

Christi , Windsor
2009 Toyota Corolla, April 2019

The shop was extremely responsive and professional! They did a great job!

David , Fort Collins
2017 Lexus RX 350, March 2019

I was extremely happy from start to finish!

Meghan , Fort Collins
2017 Subaru Impreza, March 2019

The staff at ACE went above & beyond to fix my son’s car. The customer service at this location was far beyond my expectations! Will recommend this shop to friends, family and anyone in need of repair!

Kea , Windsor
2006 Toyota 4Runner, March 2019

Everyone we came in contact with was very accommodating and helpful during the entire process. I would highly recommend this company!

Angela , Broomfield
2008 Buick Enclave, March 2019

This was an excellent experience! I could not have been happier with the quality and look of the work that was done! Everything was excellent!

Charles , Johnstown
2014 Chevrolet 1500, March 2019

The entire experience was hassle-free and professional!

Arthur , Windsor
2007 Cadillac Escalade, March 2019

Everything was excellent! Friendly service! Tyler was great at keeping me up to date on the process!

Verna , Windsor
2018 Chevrolet Trax, March 2019

Fast and friendly service!

Nick , Windsor
2017 Toyota RAV4, March 2019

This was a great overall experience! The shop was very professional and friendly!

Judy , Severance
2015 Kia Optima, March 2019

Everyone was very friendly and wanted to make sure we were satisfied! The work was excellent and we would use them again!

Patricia , Windsor
2018 Hyundai Sonata, March 2019

The entire experience from estimate to pick up was great!

Kelly , Windsor
2017 Honda HR-V, March 2019

Thank you for making a not fun situation not as painful as I thought it would be! Keep doing what you do! Excellent in everything!

Todd , Evans
2015 Chevrolet Impala, February 2019

Very happy! They were good to work with!

Michelle , Greeley
2014 Dodge Durango, February 2019

ACE employees are very professional and the repair was done to my satisfaction. I will be a repeat customer. I am very pleased with Jerry, Tyler and the rest of your staff! I will give credit where it's due and recommend your shop. They did everything well!

Michael , Greeley
2018 Kia Forte, February 2019

Everyone did an excellent job! Everything was excellent! I was able to meet with the general manager of the shop, Randy. He was fantastic and knowledgeable in my repairs!

Jeffrey Mark , Loveland
2012 Toyota Corolla, February 2019

It was exceptional and stressless! They fixed my car to as good as new and finished days before the time I was given!

Yusuf , Fort Collins
2013 BMW 528i, February 2019

The owner is great! They’ve got it dialed in!

Kim , Fort Collins
2013 Toyota Corolla, February 2019

The Auto Collision Experts auto shop was the best choice I could have made in regards to where I took my car to be repaired. They were extremely friendly, had amazing customer service and did an excellent job in my car’s repair.

Madison , Fort Collins
2010 Volkswagon Jetta, February 2019

Shop was great about calling and communicating updates to the vehicle and schedule!

Joshua , Greeley
2018 Honda Odyssey, January 2019

Randy and the whole team are amazing!

Huston , Wellington
2006 Honda Civic, January 2019

Ashley did a great job of keeping me informed of the work and the time it would take. She went above and beyond to get my vehicle fixed in time for me to pick it up when I needed it. Also, the repair was great and my vehicle was very clean when I picked it up. Thanks to all!

Gary , Fort Collins
2007 Ford F-150, January 2019

They lived up to their good reputation!

Lisa , Windsor
2004 Toyota Avalon, January 2019

I'm happy with everything the shop did to fix my vehicle!

Efrain , La Salle
2016 Chevrolet Silverado, January 2019

They did a wonderful job!

Kenneth , Fort Collins
2017 Chevrolet Tahoe, January 2019

This was an excellent experience that exceeded my expectations! And I didn’t expect the car to be cleaned. That was icing on the cake!

Chelsea , Fort Collins
2011 Toyota Prius, January 2019

I will definitely refer friends and family. Upon completion and inspection of my hail damage repair I was very impressed and asked how they were able to repair it like new. They took me to meet the garage staff responsible and the pride in craftsmanship was evident as he illustrated the tools, techniques and difficulties in working with the aluminum body. Outstanding work and pride in a job well done!

Matt , Fort Collins
2015 Ford F-150, January 2019

This is an excellent repair shop!

Dianne , Fort Collins
2011 Subaru Outback, January 2019

My car was not only repaired but cleaned inside and out! I certainly would recommend them!

Linda , Windsor
2017 Toyota RAV4, January 2019

Everyone I dealt with was professional and answered questions positively and promptly! Thank you!

John , Fort Collins
2014 BMW 428i, January 2019

I am VERY satisfied with the results!

Janie , Berthoud
2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee, December 2018

Great experience!

Haylie , Johnstown
2011 Acura TSX, December 2018

They did great! Very impressive work!

Rickie , Eckley
2017 Toyota RAV4, December 2018

From the moment I walked in the door until I picked up my vehicle, the entire experience was excellent!

Barb , Windsor
2016 Cadillac SRX, December 2018

I was delighted with the experience of dealing with a reputable and efficient repair service shop after having had a nasty collision! The staff of the shop, from the front desk to the repair service people, were courteous! All of my experience was excellent!

Maureen , Loveland
2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee, December 2018

I trust this shop to do an excellent job that lasts!

Jean , Fort Collins
2009 Lexus 350, December 2018

This is an excellent shop overall!

Suzanne , Nunn
2006 Toyota 4Runner, December 2018

ACE did great! The work looks great! Thanks a lot and thanks for your customer service!

Heidi , Fort Collins
2013 Toyota Venza, December 2018

You guys did great! I really lucked out with you! : ) Everyone I worked with was friendly!

Laura , Red Feather Lakes
2013 Subaru Forester, November 2018

The gentleman that assisted us was professional and kept us updated frequently. He did a great job!

Darryl , Fort Collins
2014 Kia Sorento, November 2018

I really appreciated the communication that I received. Brice called me, sometimes daily, to keep me up to date on my car’s progress. I always knew if things were on track or if they were waiting on this or that part. He was always friendly and professional. I had a great experience!

Kelly , Nunn
2017 Honda Fit, November 2018

Great experience! Auto Collision Experts handled the repair work well! Honest, good work and kept their promises!

Rob , Fort Collins
2016 Ford F-150, November 2018

Awesome workmanship and service!

Gary , Windsor
2009 Cadillac CTS-V, November 2018

My car came out of the shop looking like a brand new car! Thank you!

Jennifer , Wellington
2017 Toyota Highlander, October 2018

I will return to this location! THANK YOU!!! From service to waiting area, everything was great! Have referred friends to this shop many times!

Patzi , Fort Collins
2016 Subaru Outback, October 2018

I will return to this location! THANK YOU!!! From service to waiting area, everything was great! Have referred friends to this shop many times!

Patzi , Fort Collins
2016 Subaru Outback, October 2018

The overall experience was excellent! Keep up the good work!

Laura , Windsor
2012 Chevrolet Volt, October 2018

They were excellent in everything they did! They talked to me about the repairs and time frame and met them all! They did a fabulous job on my Jeep! It is beautiful!

Patricia , Loveland
2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee, July 2018

Everything was done fast and the repairs were excellent! I have already referred two people to ACE!

Michael , Greeley
2012 Chevrolet Camaro, July 2018

Complete satisfaction! All aspects of the claim were handled in a very professional manner! They did a great job!

Frank , Fort Collins
2012 Cadillac SRX, July 2018

The workmanship was great and the vehicle looked like new when I received it! I was impressed that even my dirty aluminum wheels had been scrubbed clean! Great job guys!

Brian , Fort Collins
1997 Ford F-150, June 2018

Everything was done exceptionally well!

Tom , Windsor
2010 Toyota Corolla, June 2018

This was a very smooth and easy process with excellent communication and results!

Nora , Fort Collins
2005 BMW Z4, June 2018

I was very pleased with the repair work! They even cleaned the inside of my car! Very satisfied!

Paula , Windsor
2014 Subaru Crosstrek, June 2018

The staff was extremely friendly! They took the time to explain everything they would be doing - and had done at the time of completion. The phone calls were informative and professional!

Peter , Fort Collins
2012 Hyundai Accent, June 2018

Brice is an asset to this shop. He took the time to explain the process and then he kept me updated. I enjoyed working with him.

Mike , Fort Collins
2011 Subaru Legacy, May 2018

Excellent service, extremely professional and a positive attitude! A+!

Cynthia , Fort Collins
2004 Porsche Cayenne, May 2018

They did a great job keeping me updated on my vehicle status.

Leslie , Laramie
2017 Subaru Forester, May 2018

Great! Satisfied with all the repair work!

Richard , Fort Collins
2017 Chevrolet Malibu, May 2018

We highly recommend this shop! We love the employees, honesty, quality, and communication!

Karl , Fort Collins
2011 Porsche Cayenne, May 2018

This is an excellent shop! Great service and fantastic communication! This was the best possible experience!

Carolee , Fort Collins
2012 Toyota Highlander, May 2018

Very professional, efficient, clean and well organized. All businesses should be operated this way! And well trained employees, too!

Michael , Estes Park
2012 Cadillac SRX, May 2018

Very impressed with this business! Great experience!

Robert , Fort Collins
2009 Toyota Venza, May 2018

Everything was excellent!

Larry , Fort Collins
2002 Ford F-350, May 2018

Excellent work, communication, timeliness, and friendliness! Great job!

James , Windsor
2012 GMC Sierra, May 2018

I would recommend them to anyone - they were excellent!

Travis , Windsor
2017 Hyundai Elantra, May 2018

Very friendly & kept me informed. Would use again!

Pamela , Severance
2014 Toyota RAV4, May 2018

They were quite simply, awesome. Made an appointment, dropped the car off and it was repaired and cleaned when they said it would be - hassle free!

Aaron , Fort Collins
2010 Nissam Altima, April 2018

They were great, on time and communicated with me on their progress! I had a great experience with this shop!

Moriah , Fort Collins
2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse, April 2018

It was done quicker than expected and the job was done well.

Dennis , Fort Collins
2013 Mazda Miata, April 2018

Wonderful! Will recommend to others! : )

Rod , Loveland
2017 GMC Acadia, April 2018

They were very friendly, extremely helpful, and the work was done well! Keep up the good work!

Courtney , Windsor
2009 Dodge Charger, April 2018

Thank you for a job well done! My car never looked better than it does now! The integrity and knowledge of the employees are like no other. Well done! Please continue to be the best! ACE is clearly a trendsetter for excellence!

Jennifer , Windsor
2005 Toyota Corolla, April 2018

Our repair rep, Brice Cochran was so nice and kept us informed throughout the entire time our truck was in the shop!

Benjamin , Cheyenne
1999 Chevrolet Silverado, April 2018

This shop performed work on three other cars I own. I selected the shop based on my past experiences.

Branko , Fort Collins
2008 Audi A4, April 2018

They were very helpful and friendly to me. I was treated very well and courteously. They did a very good job.

Robert , Greeley
2011 Ford Focus, March 2018

I’ve worked with ACE three times now and have been very happy with the level of service, communication and care that I received.

Corinne , Fort Collins
2010 Subaru Forester, March 2018

Great customer service! I was very satisfied!

Anya , Fort Collins
2006 Subaru Forester, March 2018

No complaints, great service.

Kris , Fort Collins
2001 Toyota 4Runner, March 2018

They were very professional, as well as friendly.

Janet , Fort Collins
2018 Mazda 3, March 2018

Renee Madrid was excellent!

Denise , Windsor
2009 Toyota Corolla, March 2018

I have already recommended this shop! They are top notch!

Robert , Cheyenne
2006 GMC Sierra, March 2018

Renee at ACE was very helpful and made the process seamless. Thanks Renee!

Melodie , Fort Collins
2009 Scion xB, March 2018

I’m very likely to recommend! Great customer service!

Earl , Wellington
2003 Chevrolet Silverado, March 2018

They were great. It was a good experience.

Virginia , Windsor
2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee, March 2018

The overall experience was excellent!

Stuart , Windsor
2015 Nissan Altima, March 2018

The repair work was professionally completed, and I was very satisfied!

Robert , Windsor
2015 BMW 328i, March 2018

They did a great job and my truck came back cleaner than when I brought it to them!

James , Windsor
2012 GMC Sierra, March 2018

I went with ACE because I knew I could trust them with regards to cost and workmanship. Also, in the past they were very nice to my son who had an older model car that needed a little job done.

Susan , Windsor
2015 Audi A5, March 2018

Thank you for another wonderful experience!

Ainara , Fort Collins
2014 Chevrolet Cruze, March 2018

The staff was extremely friendly and knowledgeable! They kept me informed on the progress of the repairs.

Gary , Windsor
2013 Lexus ES350, February 2018

They did a beautiful job and I told them I would certainly refer anyone to them!

Brad , Windsor
2009 Honda CR-V, February 2018

Beat original date, so I was very pleased.

Jerry , Loveland
2010 Toyota Tacoma, February 2018

Great customer service and very high quality work! The vehicle looked like new!

Phillip , Fort Collins
2009 Toyota Camry, February 2018

I most definitely will recommend to family and friends! Friendly staff and excellent workmanship! The overall experience wasexcellent!

Dan , Fort Collins
2012 Nissan Quest, February 2018

It was actually done sooner than estimated.

Jamie , Fort Collins
2017 Toyota Tacoma, February 2018

I was very satisfied with the customer service and end result of the work.

Joshua , Cheyenne
2016 Mazda CX-5, February 2018

They did great! I specifically requested e-mail communication, and they went out of their way to meet my needs.

Sara , Loveland
2016 Toyota 4Runner, February 2018

Great shop, great folks and car looks like new.

Matt , Fort Collins
2013 Kia Sorento, February 2018

The repairs we had done 5 years ago still look as good as day one and the repairs done recently look just as good! I love how the entire shop gets along and acts professional at all times. Love the staff and highly recommend this shop to any who needs body work!

Delores , Wellington
2017 Nissan Leaf, January 2018

Very satisfied with the repair and communication!

Mark , Fort Collins
2013 Ford Fusion, January 2018

Thank you so much for completing the van so fast! Everything was great!

Danna , Windsor
2014 Chevrolet G35, January 2018

I have already told my friends and family about the expert care I received from ACE Windsor. Alan, Jesse, and Cysco were excellent to work with. They were extremely knowledgeable about the process, repairs and expectations. I trust them 100% and plan to revisit them for a new quote for some detail work. Thank you so much for all your help!

Dawn , Windsor
2012 Kia Sorento, January 2018

I can’t say enough good things about Brice. He filled me in all the time with updates over the six weeks the vehicle was being repaired. He was very friendly, helpful, and informative!

Emily , Denver
2015 Jeep Cherokee, January 2018

Work finished ahead of time and was of good quality.

Heidi , Fort Collins
2012 Honda Civic, December 2017

The work was done very well and they know what they are doing.

Seth , Fort Collins
2015 Chevrolet Suburban, December 2017

Totally, 100% satisfied with this repair. I don’t see how they can improve on excellent!

Billy , Fort Collins
2017 Ford Fusion, December 2017

I had used them before and was very satisfied.

Al , Loveland
2014 Toyota Venza, December 2017

The customer service was excellent. This shop went above and beyond my expectations.

Nicole , Windsor
2015 GMC Yukon, December 2017

They were perfect in every way!

David , Windsor
2014 Ford Fusion, December 2017

They kept me up to date which was good.

Karen , Wellington
2013 Subaru Impreza, December 2017

Shop did a great job. Great customer service.

Jose , Fort Collins
2014 Toyota Highlander, December 2017

Thank you Carol and Randy! Everything was done perfectly. I will definitely be back if I need any more repairs!

Samantha , Fort Collins
2017 Honda Civic, November 2017

The repair was done much faster than anticipated!

Julia , Fort Collins
2015 Nissan Rogue, November 2017

Auto Collision Experts were very helpful, efficient and did a terrific job on the car. Excellent.

Karla , Fort Collins
2010 Toyota Prius, November 2017

Thanks for honest and quality service.

Rajashekar , Bridgeton
2013 Subaru Outback, November 2017

Great customer service! My car was cleaner when I picked it up than when I brought it in!

Nancy , Loveland
2013 Dodge Charger, November 2017

All went well. Very pleased with the job.

Lawrence , Windsor
2009 Honda CR-V, November 2017

I was very happy with the experience. If I know anyone who needs repair work done on their car I would certainly recommend ACE as their first stop.

Lyrica , Fort Collins
2010 Honda Civic, November 2017

Excellent service. I was very pleased. I don't know how they could have done a better job. I was very pleased with the service and the outcome. I dealt with Bryce. He was excellent at explaining everything and keeping me apprised of the situation. Very nice man who knew what he was doing. A true asset to the company.

Nancy , Fort Collins
2014 Honda CR-V, November 2017

Brice was always friendly, happy to answer questions, and did an excellent job of keeping me updated on the status of the repairs. The vehicle looked great. And they corrected mistakes made during previous repairs at Gerber.

Cheryl , Eaton
2013 Kia Optima, November 2017

Brice did a phenomenal job in communicating with me on the status of my car. Even if there wasn’t anything to report he still called. I very much appreciated it.

Mara , Greeley
2016 Kia Forte, November 2017

Continue with the professional and courteous service and quality work!

Ernest , Windsor
2014 Buick Enclave, November 2017

I so much appreciated the constant communication regarding the status of my repair.

Gaylene , Severance
2017 Nissan Altima, October 2017

Auto Collision Experts exceeded all of my expectations and I would highly recommend them!

William , Wellington
2016 Subaru Forester, October 2017

Great customer service - straight forward and honest.

Lance , Windsor
2013 Honda Accord, October 2017

Auto Collision Experts were reliable, friendly and do good work.

Toninette , Greeley
2011 Chevrolet Malibu, October 2017

I was very happy with the repairs and it did not take as long as estimated.

Billy , Fort Collins
2002 Ford F-350, October 2017

Friendly personnel and very fast service.

William , Laporte
2006 Dodge Ram, October 2017

Front office staff, especially Mary, were very friendly. Car was cleaner inside and outside than when I left it!

Shane , Fort Collins
2012 Honda Accord, October 2017

ACE went above and beyond. It was very cool to know a company will take care of you and go the extra mile. They did a great job keeping me informed of the repairs.

Nanet , Loveland
2014 Honda Accord, September 2017

They did an excellent job! My car was returned very clean and in a timely manner.

Clay , Windsor
2012 Ford Fusion, September 2017

We had a wonderful experience! 

Derek , Loveland
2015 Jeep Renegade, September 2017

I was very impressed with the whole transaction and the repair work!

Jen , Windsor
2014 Toyota Camry, September 2017

Very happy with repairs and customer service!

Tina , Severance
2017 Toyota Tacoma, September 2017

They were great!

Terry , Windsor
2004 GMC Envoy, September 2017

My Jeep runs better than it did before the accident and the customer service is top notch! I really appreciated being taken seriously. Thank you for taking my car on, and making it better than new without taking advantage of me cost wise.

Myca , Fort Collins
2003 Jeep Liberty, August 2017

This is the third time I’ve been to this shop with my vehicle. I’m always very satisfied and refer people to Auto Collision Experts all the time.

Kerstin , Fort Collins
2010 Volvo XC60, August 2017

Auto Collision Experts Rocks!

Christopher , Fort Collins
2013 Ford Focus, August 2017

I was pleased with the customer service and quality of work at Auto Collision Experts and would use them in the future should the need arise.

Starla , Fort Collins
2015 Nissan Rogue, August 2017

Everything went great. They could not have treated me any better!

Eldon , Loveland
2003 Honda Odyssey, July 2017

My truck looked great, better than it had in a long time! Everyone was impressed with what a great job was done!

James , Greeley
2004 Chevrolet Silverado, July 2017

The car looked like new when we picked it up! Thank you! We were very pleased.

Reinhold , Windsor
2015 Toyota Prius, July 2017

Great customer service! Your staff was so friendly and kind! Keep up the great work! I would definitely use you again.

Olivia , Eaton
2015 Dodge Dart, July 2017

The service and workmanship were excellent! Thank you!

Michele , Fort Collins
2016 Subaru Forester, July 2017

A+ rating for my overall experience!

Michael , Fort Collins
2014 Mercedes Benz GL350, July 2017

Excellent service and professional communication.

Sue , Evans
2006 Lincoln LS, June 2017

They exceeded my expectations. They are an outstanding shop. I was amazed with their service.

Ruth , Fort Collins
2013 Honda Fit, June 2017

Everyone was friendly, helpful and showed real caring. Keep up the good work. I would definitely use this shop again for any similar needs.

Elsie , Greeley
2016 Honda CR-V, June 2017

The service was excellent and the work was quick and well done.

April , Loveland
2009 Jeep Wrangler, June 2017

I was treated with respect and professionalism. Issues before, during and after repairs were explained at great length.

Jimi , Windsor
2016 Toyota 4Runner, April 2017

Steve and his staff are excellent in all areas and I would not hesitate to recommend this shop. My car was even detailed and heated (winter) upon pick up.

Debbie , Fort Collins
2015 Toyota RAV4, April 2017

Excellent job. I will use in the future even with no insurance involved.

William , Eaton
2006 Pontiac Grand Prix, April 2017

Very impressed on how everything was handled - from the time I dropped my car off to picking it up.

Patricia , Johnstown
2012 Ford Fusion, April 2017

Jordan was very helpful and very professional.

Darcy , Fort Collins
2008 Lexus RX350, April 2017

They did a great job and fixed my vehicle quickly.

Susan , Fort Collins
2005 Jeep Wrangler, April 2017

It was done in a timely manner and the workmanship was excellent.

Donald , Greeley
2003 Mercury Mountaineer, April 2017

Very professional and thorough.

Patrick , Fort Collins
2014 Honda CR-V, April 2017

It was perfect. I really appreciated being able to work with the same person from ACE from start to finish.

Carla , Fort Collins
2016 Subaru Outback, March 2017

They are very good at what they do. Professional and courteous throughout.

Eden , Berthoud
2011 Honda CR-V, March 2017

Jordan was the best. She always called to provide status updates, was friendly and knowledgeable.

Christa , Fort Collins
2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee, March 2017

They are undoubtedly the best.

Kelsey , Fort Collins
2013 Nissan Rogue, March 2017

I thought that they did a great job and we were very pleased in how they handled everything. This shop was very easy to deal with!

John , Littleton
2002 Toyota RAV4, March 2017

Kudos to Gary and Cindy. Top notch customer service, thanks!

Nina , Fort Collins
2013 Toyota Prius, March 2017

The service and repair work were excellent. I am very satisfied with this repair shop.

William , Fort Collins
2014 Kia Optima, March 2017

Just an overall wonderful experience. I can't say enough. I was sincerely touched by their efforts to get me going again in a timely fashion. I am truly grateful - they worked hard and effectively and I was so pleasantly impressed.

Anna , Ault
2002 Acura RSX, March 2017

Was completed sooner then expected. That's awesome! I was completely satisfied.

Anglea , Severance
2012 Ford Focus, February 2017

They were great. We were on a time crunch for the repairs and they worked with us. The work was done quickly and it looked great.

Nancy , Cheyenne
2015 Ford F-250, February 2017

Randy Gonzalez was excellent. He returned calls, was responsive, friendly and knowledgeable. The other employees were also great. They are what customer service should be!

Rod , Cheyenne
2014 Ford F-350, February 2017

Great service. I was pleasantly surprised by the overall experience.

William , Fort Collins
2010 Honda Civic, February 2017

Couldn't have been happier! Thanks so much for a job very well done! Absolutely thrilled with the experience and the level of customer service.

Michael , Timnath
2010 Ford F-150, February 2017

What a great experience. Stress free with updates.

Gay , Loveland
2011 BMW 3, February 2017

The lady who I dealt with was wonderful. She was so concerned about my safety that she took my car right then and there when I had been told it would be weeks before they could work on it. Thank you.

Janet , Fort Collins
2006 Toyota Sienna, January 2017

The interior of our vehicle was cleaner than when we purchased it from a dealership 6 years ago. Auto Collision Experts does a great job of repairing and cleaning a car. They do a fantastic job.

Dorothy , Fort Collins
2009 Nissan Versa, January 2017

I had a very good experience!!! Keep doing what you’re doing. Awesome job.

Stephen , Fort Collins
2015 Ford F-150, January 2017

Accidents are never a good experience, but Auto Collision Experts made a bad experience better with great workmanship, customer service, and communication. I would definitely recommend them.

Andrew , Fort Collins
2011 Ford Fusion, January 2017

Did a perfect job. One happy customer.

Sven , Windsor
2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser, January 2017

They did a great job. I was blown away on how clean my car was inside and out.

Michael , Windsor
2010 Subaru Outback, January 2017

Front desk staff is amazing.

Dave , Fort Collins
2016 Ford F-150, January 2017

They were great. Definitely going back to Auto Collision Experts for any future body work.

Ken , Fort Collins
2012 Mazda 3, January 2017

The customer service was great and everything went very smoothly.

Angela , Fort Collins
2009 Toyota Highlander, January 2017

It was repaired beautifully and I got it back three days ahead of schedule. Great job everyone!

Ellen , Northern Colorado
January 2017

Great experience. Thanks for getting in and out quickly.

Nikolaus , Northern Colorado
January 2017

Took very good care of my car and even gave it back to me clean! Will recommend.

Megan , Northern Colorado
January 2017

My car looks great. I was very pleased. Everyone worked very hard with me. I'm getting a car that I needed for my work. Thank you so much to everyone. Merry Christmas.

Karen , Northern Colorado
December 2016

Awesome job. Having a clean and washed car was a surprise bonus!

Eric , Windsor
2007 Ford Focus, December 2016

We had an excellent experience.

Julie , Windsor
2009 Dodge Ram, December 2016

Thank you all! Great job! Great people! Randy was super!

Lori , Carr
2002 GMC Sierra, December 2016

I was impressed, they answered my questions and all their communications were great. They made things seamless for us.

Randall , Fort Collins
1998 Honda CR-V, December 2016

Randy was friendly, professional and exceeded my expectations.

Anne , Fort Collins
2012 Toyota Prius, December 2016

To everyone who is in need of car repairs, this is the best place to go and have it done. I can honestly say this. I am glad I had my repairs done there.

Jerry , Fort Collins
2006 Ford Focus, December 2016

Absolutely fabulous! Exceeded my expectations.

Nora , Hesperus
2016 Subaru Outback, December 2016

Great team and easy to work with!

Angela , Northern Colorado
December 2016

I thank each of you for the care and expertise put into my car. I am so thankful for your attention to detail. Blessings to each of you. Merry Christmas

Jeanette , Northern Colorado
December 2016

A professional, friendly, informative experience.

Wendy , Windsor
2013 Toyota Camry, November 2016

I would recommend Windsor ACE without hesitation.

Willow , Fort Collins
2005 Toyota Celica, November 2016

I think ACE is a great company and cares about customers’ experiences.

Patrick , Cheyenne
2007 Toyota Tacoma, November 2016

You all went above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied and that the job was well done. The car looks great. If needed we wouldn’t hesitate to use Auto Collision Experts again and refer to friends and family.

Paul , Loveland
2002 BMW X5, November 2016

I was completely satisfied with the quality of the repair and the very considerate and understanding customer service.

Alice , Loveland
2015 Honda Fit, November 2016

From my initial interaction to the completion of my car, my experience was easy.

Andrea , Fort Collins
2014 Chevrolet Traverse, November 2016

Jordan, the person handling my repair, was an excellent communicator.

William , Denver
2015 Honda Civic, November 2016

I was very pleased with my experience and grateful that the process was handled so smoothly and professionally.

Jackie , Fort Collins
2006 Honda Odyssey, November 2016

Went above and beyond my expectations. Beyond great! A++++

Lisa & Chad , Broomfield
2003 Honda CR-V, November 2016

This really was an amazing experience! All I had to do was drop my car off and I was quickly ushered through the process. Rental showed up when I did and I was on my way very quickly! The car looks amazing was even done early! I really love my car and was devastated when she was mangled by that deer. I can't even tell anything happened. Your team did a fantastic job! Also thanks for vacuuming out my car! I know that probably took a little longer than usual because my dog, Archer, is quite a fur monster. Thanks a million! This experience could have been so stressful, but it was awesome! I laughed at some of the text alerts (which I totally needed), gasped at pictures I saw on my Geico app, and all together really had a pleasant experience. I hope I don't have to go through all this craziness with my beloved malibu again, but if I do, I know exactly who I want to take care of us again!

November 2016

Thank you for your help it was great working with you.

November 2016


November 2016

I was very impressed with the service and quality of workmanship. Thank you very much.

November 2016

We found our experience almost enjoyable. We were very impressed with the service we received. They made a very stressful time tolerable. It's run like a well oiled machine. Hassle free and we felt like we were the most important people at the moment. We are very pleased Thank you!

November 2016

Krista did a great job of explaining the process and keeping me informed. I would recommend ACE to my friends and family.

October 2016

They were so informative and accommodating to my needs. I so appreciated them making me so comfortable at a stressful time.

Ida , Fort Collins
2013 Buick Verano, October 2016

Super friendly, ease of process and veteran friendly. Everyone there was so professional and it was the easiest repair I have ever done.

Sharon , Windsor
2015 Jeep Cherokee, October 2016

Randy Gonzalez and other staff are fantastic. I already have sent others to get their cars repaired there.

George , Fort Collins
2009 Chevrolet Silverado, October 2016

Randy was great and did a super job managing the overall project.

Scott , Fort Collins
2012 BMW X5, October 2016

Shop staff constantly kept me appraised of status of completion via phone calls.

Joe , Windsor
2013 Volvo C70, October 2016

The work that was done on my 2010 Land Cruiser is excellent and the whole crew did a great job, and for the estimated cost. Would highly recommend them.

Dennis , Fort Collins
2010 Land Cruiser, October 2016

My thanks to Rob for his professional approach and caring attitude. He was a pleasure to work with. The car repairs are exceptional.

Ingrid , Fort Collins
2007 Volvo S40, September 2016

The shop did what they said they would do in a good time with no other cost.

Robert , Loveland
2006 Kia Optima, September 2016

The entire repair process was easy and short. Everyone was extremely helpful.

Shelley , Milliken
2010 Toyota Prius, September 2016

Randy Gonzales met me when I got there and walked out with me when I left. He was great.

George , Fort Collins
2008 Toyota Prius, September 2016

The service was completely excellent. ACE’s performance was beyond my expectations.

Anne , Fort Collins
2010 Toyota Corolla, September 2016

I thought that all of the personnel that I had contact with were very professional and did a very, very nice job. They were awesome. I would highly recommend this shop to anyone.

Johnnie , Fort Collins
2014 Toyota Tacoma, September 2016

Awesome shop! Awesome service! They took care of us like we were their favorite customers. The color match was incredible. Our experience was better than we could have hoped for. We would refer this shop a million times over!!

Eve , Fort Collins
2007 Honda Accord EX, September 2016

Thanks for the great work, and thanks to Jordan for facilitating the whole experience. I will definitely use them again.

Mike , Fort Collins
2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser, August 2016

Very impressed with the overall customer service and professionalism. They took pride in the completion of the repairs.

Carolin , Greeley
2013 Ford Edge, August 2016

Very professional and a great experience.

Dona , Berthoud
2015 Ford Explorer, August 2016

Jesse Large’s professionalism was most impressive. Overall very highly positively impressed and satisfied.

Bob , Fort Collins
2013 Chevrolet Cruze, August 2016

Excellent in all respects. No other shop would come close. I would return to this shop in a heartbeat if I ever need auto body repair in the future.

John , Tucson
2015 Chrysler Town & Country, August 2016

Excellent customer service from the manager on down.

Thomas , Fort Collins
2015 Subaru Outback, August 2016

Rob Robertson did a fabulous job in finding the part and getting it installed. I am very happy with my experience with this shop.

Raymond , Windsor
2000 Damon Motorhome, July 2016

Rob was fantastic.

Jeff , Windsor
2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, July 2016

I was kept very well informed of the repair progress. Very friendly and knowledgeable manager and staff.

Thomas , Cheyenne
2011 Chevrolet Traverse, July 2016

Just a great, overall experience! Professional and seamless interaction. It eased the pain of having had an accident.

Robert , Loveland
2014 Hyundai Tucson, July 2016

My car was cleaner than when I brought it in. This was the easiest repair. Great job with everyone involved. Thanks!

Lauren , Windsor
2004 Toyota Highlander, July 2016

Excellent service and body work.

Betty Lou , Fort Collins
1998 Volvo S70, July 2016

I’m very happy with the completion time and estimate.

William , Loveland
2012 Ford Focus, July 2016

For such an upsetting occurrence and all of the damage done to my new car, it could not have been a better repair experience. I highly recommend them. Great staff and Randy is awesome.

Lynette , Fort Collins
2015 Scion FR-S, July 2016

Everyone was exceptional to work with, friendly and great customer service.

Joanne , Windsor
2010 Acura TL, June 2016

What your shop and Rob did was perfect. I will be recommending Auto Collision Experts to everyone in need of any work done. Top notch.

Jeremy , Loveland
2016 Dodge Ram 2500, June 2016

Super nice folks to work with. Rob, in particular, was a pleasure to work with.

Ben , Windsor
2008 Dodge Ram 2500, June 2016

They’ve nailed it. It was great.

Donald , Loveland
2015 Kia Soul, June 2016

They were great. I was very pleased with their level of service and customer care.

Lisa , Fort Collins
2004 Toyota 4Runner, June 2016

Randy Gonzalez was great!

Elizabeth , Loveland
2010 Hyundai Santa Fe, June 2016

We are totally satisfied with our repair work and the personnel we worked with.

Toni & Kurt , Fort Collins
2010 Infiniti EX35, June 2016

If I know someone looking for a repair shop I would tell them I had an excellent experience at Auto Collision Experts.

Matthew , Greeley
2007 Toyota Camry, June 2016

I can't think of any way that ACE could have improved their service. They completely exceeded every expectation I had, right down to the detailing of the interior of the car and the care that was taken in matching the paint for the repaired sections.

Kathleen , Loveland
2007 Suzuki Grand Vitara, June 2016

Good to deal with and good communication!

Joseph , Fort Collins
2012 Dodge Durango, June 2016

They were excellent - very professional and quick to get the repair done. Thanks!

John , Fort Collins
2014 Dodge Ram 2500, June 2016

These people are awesome! I don't think that I could have been treated any better. They saved my life. I will definitely be referring them to other people.

Mary Jane , NoCo
June 2016

Had a great experience as always. Polite, fast, great service. I'm always sad to see you guys, because it means my car is broken, but you always do excellent work. Thanks.

George , NoCo
June 2016

Top job in every way. The car looks like it just rolled off the show room floor. I expected that you would do a good job, but was more than just a little shocked when I finally got a good look at both the inside as well as the outside of the car. Our car hasn't been this CLEAN since it was new. You guys are great. We're now wondering if we could talk your crew into cleaning our house? We won't forget you and in the future should the need arise, we'll ONLY use you. 

Gordon , NoCo
June 2016

Thank you. The personnel and all staff involved inspired trust, were kind and friendly. This is a huge factor for me.

Nina , Fort Collins
1999 Toyota RAV4, May 2016

Great experience! Very friendly and smooth throughout beginning to the end.

David , Estes Park
2013 Mitsubishi Outlander, April 2016

I had a great experience! My experience was wonderful - everyone was very friendly and helpful.

Kayla , Loveland
2005 Mercedes Benz ML350, April 2016

Everything went smoothly for me and I was updated daily on the progress of my car. My car looked fabulous when it was all done. I am very impressed!

Kim , Loveland
2005 Mercury Mariner, April 2016

The staff has the customer service component figured out. Good people who did what they said they would do. I will not hesitate to refer anyone. I really appreciate doing business with a company like this. Good people - good work!

Bryan , Windsor
2011 BMW 328xi, April 2016

Everything went very smoothly and I was very impressed with the communication. They were very good!

Paul , Fort Collins
2011 Mitsubishi Galant, March 2016

This company is outstanding. They truly care about customer satisfaction and do an excellent job. Although I only needed a minor repair, I would trust them with anything else auto repair related in the future.

Kelli , Fort Collins
2001 Toyota Tacoma, March 2016

I thought they were excellent! Professional, friendly and very helpful.

Moira , Windsor
2002 BMW 330xi, March 2016

Overall, I am quite pleased with the service, the repairs and the courtesy of all involved. I would recommend this facility.

Terri , Fort Collins
2013 Subaru Outback, February 2016

Every aspect of the repair was top notch. We could not be happier or more satisfied. Thank you so much for making a difficult experience much more bearable. I can’t say I look forward to working with you again but should life necessitate it, we will choose ACE for sure.

Victor , Windsor
2011 Toyota Corolla, February 2016

Great experience! I felt like I had a new car again - thanks!

Kari , Windsor
2016 Subaru Forester, February 2016

They communicated very well and repaired carefully and quickly.

Esther , Greeley
2015 Chevrolet Spark, February 2016

Randy did a great job communicating.

Jonathan , Fort Collins
2010 Mercedes Benz ML 350, February 2016

I was very pleased with the cleanliness of the vehicle and the workmanship on the fender looks perfect. Thank you.

Elizabeth , Wellington
2011 Honda Civic, February 2016

It was the best overall auto body repair experience I have had. I was impressed with the estimator.

John , Fort Collins
2015 Subaru Outback Limited, February 2016

They were very honest about all of the information I asked and respectful. I am very satisfied with the work they did on my car. They’re doing a great job!

Delores , Johnstown
2012 Chrysler 200, February 2016

They did a fantastic job all the way around and they were outstanding in handling everything on this repair.

Robert , Fort Collins
2007 Lexus GX470, February 2016

I will only use ACE for all of my auto body work!

Robert , Windsor
2013 Ford C Max, February 2016

It was excellent service and work completed on time. I can confidently recommend this business to friends and family and have done so in the past.

Carol , Fort Collins
2013 Honda Civic LX, January 2016

We were completely satisfied. We would use this shop again and will recommend it to others.

Ken , Windsor
2004 Ford Ranger, January 2016

They were very professional, friendly and kept me updated on the progress.

Jason , Windsor
2008 Toyota Tacoma, January 2016

One of the best services I have ever received.

Shelly , Fort Collins
2006 BMW 330CIC, January 2016

The paint blend done on this car was excellent. Three step paint is a challenge to blend but this challenge was met.

Timothy , Windsor
2006 Subaru Legacy, January 2016

Very professional, very clean and very fast. Everything went better than expected. Thank you so much for your excellent work and attention to detail.

Jillian , Greeley
1994 Toyota Corolla, January 2016

The detailed washing and cleaning of my car's interior was outstanding. I felt like I was in someone else's vehicle! GREAT JOB!!!

Fran , Fort Collins
2010 Nissan Versa, December 2015

Thank you for providing excellent customer service. Everyone I encountered was professional and efficient.

Brianna , Fort Collins
2005 Saturn Vue, December 2015

A great team who works fast and are thorough!

Maggie , Fort Collins
2007 Volkswagen Jetta, December 2015

I was treated very well from the initial contact. I’m very satisfied with all of it. I mostly had contact with Bryce and he did an excellent job.

Carol , Windsor
2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer, December 2015

The concern, attitude and assistance of the employees was wonderful. The work was exceptional and the condition of the car when picked up was great. The car was also immaculate when they returned it to us.

Lanoette , Fort Collins
2010 Subaru Forester, December 2015

I would definitely go back and refer them! I really liked everything about it. Brice kept me informed by calling me every week to tell me the progress.

Gail , Windsor
2008 Toyota Highlander, November 2015

The shop performed wonderfully. A welcomed surprise was the total detailing of the car. Not only was the repair perfect, the interior was better than new. I will definitely recommend.

Patrick , Greeley
2013 Dodge Dart, November 2015

The overall experience was quite impressive - friendly and courteous reception. Thank you.

Tomasz , Fort Collins
1999 Toyota Camry LE, November 2015

Very pleased. If I ever need repairs I will use Auto Collision Experts again. Thank you.

Terri , Estes Park
2006 Honda CR-V I, November 2015

They’re doing a great job - very nice and communicated well with what was going on.

Rhiannon , Fort Collins
2014 Honda Civic, November 2015

Alan at the shop had some of the best customer service skills I’ve seen!

Laura , Windsor
2010 Mazda 3, November 2015

Excellent service and work performed. I would refer anyone who needs repair work.

Darin , Windsor
2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, November 2015

Great communication, updates and the vehicle came back better on the inside and outside than when I left it. Very friendly service - thank you!

Sara , Windsor
2013 Subaru Outback, November 2015

The communication during the repairs was the best we have ever experienced. I was impressed with staff and customer service.

Laurie , Windsor
2012 Ford Fusion, November 2015

We could not be more pleased with the repair and service at Auto Collision Experts.

Robert , Briggsdale
2015 Ford Escape, November 2015

The young man at ACE was very nice and helped make our experience a good one! We hope not to need your services anytime soon but we would definitely use you again and won’t hesitate to recommend you to others.

Randy , Fort Collins
2013 Toyota Corolla, November 2015

I had a great experience! Everyone was awesome!

Jessica , Fort Collins
2013 Ford Escape, November 2015

Very professional. The repair result exceeded my expectations. The shop staff was very personable and made sure I was happy with the job. George did a great job on painting the truck.

Jim , Mesa
2002 Ford F-250, October 2015

The staff was professional and friendly, the repair was excellent and I was very impressed with the condition of the car when it was returned.

Rebekah , Fort Collins
1999 Subaru Legacy, October 2015

It’s the best company I have ever dealt with. Auto Collision Experts were outstanding in every way. I have already recommended them to a friend. Brice was fantastic with his communication and professionalism.

Garrick , Windsor
2008 Chevrolet Uplander, October 2015

I’m extremely satisfied with the repairs and the service I received.

James , Laporte
2012 Ford F-350, October 2015

Great job. Thank you for the fast, friendly, stress free services you all provided!

Alissa , Loveland
2008 Dodge Caliber, October 2015

I was completely satisfied with the work, appearances and it was done in a timely manner.

Ruth , Laporte
2005 Ford Escape, September 2015

The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable - the car looked great after repair. I would definitely use them again.

Janet , Windsor
2010 Chevrolet Camaro, September 2015

Your shop and your staff were very professional, clean, organized. I would definitely recommend you to others. Thank you.

Dorothy , Fort Collins
2013 Dodge Grand Caravan, September 2015

My vehicle was SO clean! A professional, efficient, nice facility and good communication gives you confidence your vehicle will be like before.

Sandra , Windsor
2009 Lexus RX350, September 2015

I’ve followed Brice to this shop and another one previous. When he tells me a shop does good work I take it to the bank.

Tim , Windsor
2014 Chevrolet Cruze, September 2015

Everything was perfect - customer service did an excellent job of communicating and keeping me informed of the progress.

John , Milliken
2013 Subaru Outback, September 2015

Very professional! Jordan was excellent with communication and expectations.

Debby , Fort Collins
2008 Honda CR-V, September 2015

Everyone was very helpful and kind. Everything went very smoothly and the car was completed on time as promised. Great experience!

Karen , Cheyenne
2015 Hyundai Elantra, August 2015

I was impressed that the shop would start working on my car right away. It was finished within one week, which was roughly estimated with great communication almost daily. The shop exceeded my expectations.

Jennifer , Loveland
2015 Toyota 4Runner, August 2015

I was really pleased with your service and speed.

Steven , Fort Collins
2006 Toyota Tundra, August 2015

They are the best shop I have ever been to! They are all great people. I am grateful for all that you did for me so I’m very happy and I thank all.

Frank , Timnath
2007 Chevrolet Corvette, July 2015

The staff was great - they were some of the best group of people I have ever dealt with. Very honest and true to their work. Hopefully I don’t have to go back there due to an accident but if I ever should need repairs, Auto Collision Experts would be the only shop I would take my car to. Thanks everyone for such a great job!

Robert , Fort Collins
2009 Chevrolet Equinox, July 2015

Everyone I dealt with, from the office staff to the technicians, were professional and friendly.

Mike , Fort Collins
2007 Ford Escape, July 2015

ACE was detailed, followed through with work updates and explained everything being done.

James , Fort Collins
2010 Honda Accord, July 2015

I was all around impressed with everything from the repair work to the friendliness and professionalism of everyone involved.  It was a great and gratifying experience.

Michael , Fort Collins
2006 Saturn Relay, July 2015

Overall a great experience. The shop owner was amazing and made me feel welcome and that he would take great care of my car.

Christina , Loveland
2012 Mazda 5, June 2015

I would definitely refer others.  Thanks for doing a great job.

Susan , Fort Collins
2013 Ford Edge, June 2015

The experience was spectacular!  They called frequently to update me on the progress.  The staff are friendly and helpful.

Trevin , Laporte
2008 Honda Pilot, June 2015

Everyday the car was in the shop I had an email or phone call on the progress. I have never had such good communication from a repair shop.  I was amazed at how nice my car looked.

Zelina , Fort Collins
2002 Buick Century, June 2015

I will definitely recommend Auto Collision Experts to others needing auto body work.  I am very satisfied with the work that was done not only with my car, but also their work in dealing with the insurance company that paid for my repair.

Rachel , Fort Collins
2009 Subaru Impreza, June 2015

Randy was very courteous and set me at ease.  I appreciate the way I was treated and the excellent work repairing my car.

Norm , Loveland
2015 Hyundai Sonata, May 2015

This is a quality body shop and they surpassed my expectations in every way.

James , Fort Collins
2004 Dodge Ram, May 2015

I was very happy with the service.  Rob Kept me informed during every step of the process.

Erik , Johnstown
2010 Honda Accord, May 2015

I feel they did everything right and provided high quality workmanship with very friendly and courteous service.  5 STARS!

Gary , Loveland
2006 Toyota Avalon, May 2015

Brice was exceptionally helpful.  I appreciated all of the emails and phone calls with status updates.

Jodee , Timnath
2013 Buick Enclave, May 2015

"It was completed ahead of schedule and it was perfect."

Lisa , Loveland
2014 Subaru XV, May 2015

"5-STARS!   BIG thank you to Randy for his exceptional customer service, care and attention to detail. He handled a potentially delicate situation with responsiveness, finesse, and professionalism. Thank you also to Greg for his honest input on the paint and body work. My vehicle looks great! I also appreciated having access to a loaner car while work was being done. This saved so much hassle, worry and time. I highly recommend ACE!"

Karen , Windsor
1999 Toyota 4Runner, April 2015

"Everyone involved with my car went above and beyond for me! They made a stressful incident less stressful. I appreciate the thoroughness - thanks!" 

Lance , Fort Collins
1998 Toyota RAV4, April 2015

"We couldn't have had a better job or have worked with nicer people. Everyone was beyond polite and professional. The courtesy was tops!"

Willard , Fort Collins
2005 Dodge Ram 2005, April 2015

"I thought everything was great."

Jacob , Littleton
2012 GMC 1500, April 2015

"It was already better than my expectations. It's so refreshing when a company gives the customer the impression that they appreciate their business. A.C.E. seems to value customer perception and it shows - great job! I can only hope more companies start taking your approach to customer relations." 

Kristopher , Greeley
2015 Dodge Dart GT, April 2015

"I feel that I made the right decision taking my car to A.C.E. The staff was very friendly and made me feel very comfortable. They did a great job on the repairs to my car. Thank you!!"

Douglas , Fort Collins
2014 Chevrolet Cruze, April 2015

"The work was good and the additional work we requested was done at a fair price." 

Jim , Fort Collins
2001 Buick LeSabre, April 2015

"They met all of my expectations. I was treated very well and will return for further repairs and recommend them to friends." 

Irene , Fort Collins
2002 Toyota Highlander, April 2015

"The Windsor shop did an excellent job with the repair and Melanie was great about getting the car back to me." 

Jenica , Fort Collins
2005 Subaru Outback, April 2015

"In my opinion it could not be any better. Every aspect of my repair was great. They did everything that was explained to me in the time frame agreed upon and did a great job. I can't even see where the damage was. I tell everybody I know what a great job they did and I will always refer people to this shop."

Pat , Windsor
2014 GMC K1500, April 2015

"Melanie was fantastic and very kind from the very beginning." 

Hilary , Fort Collins
2009 Mazda CX-9, April 2015

"They were very courteous."

Sharen , Greeley
2005 Dodge Grand Caravan, March 2015

"The guys were very nice and professional. They felt trustworthy and delivered!"

Kristina , Fort Collins
2009 Lexus RX 350, March 2015

"Everyone was friendly, helpful and very thorough in the process. Thank you all so much for such a great experience!" 

Stephanie , Fort Collins
2012 Mini Cooper Countryman S, March 2015

"My car was ready before completion date - very professional!"

Laura , Greeley
2014 Jeep Cherokee, March 2015

"Great customer service."

Jennifer , Fort Collins
2005 Nissan Altima, March 2015

"The repair was done very well. I was really pleased with how it looked!"

Carol , Fort Collins
2009 Acura MDX, March 2015

"I'm very pleased and have recommended to friends."

Dana , Fort Collins
2008 Volkswagen R32, March 2015

"The vehicle was ready 2 days earlier than projected. Under promise but over deliver - perfect. Each service and person just flowed easily into the next." 

Laura , Fort Collins
2006 Mercury Mariner, March 2015

"I found the experience to be very pleasant and convenient and I would suggest that the shop maintain their high level of professionalism, great customer service as well as their exceptional repair services. Overall, I had a very good experience doing business with this repair shop. The staff was very professional, courteous and friendly." 

Kristin , Jacksonville
2006 Infiniti G35, March 2015

"They worked with us and our needs."

Jason , Fort Collins
2009 Honda Pilot, February 2015

"Overall they did exceptionally great. Also, cleaning the interior was above and beyond expectations. Thank you!"

Chelsea , Fort Collins
2012 Honda Civic LX, February 2015

"Great job!! I am very happy with the experience."

Miles , Fort Collins
1995 Honda Civic, February 2015

"The car was finished earlier than promised. You have a new customer!" 

Nicholas , Loveland
2010 Ford Taurus, February 2015

"I was happy with the service and greatly appreciated the cleaning. Keep up the good work!"

Brian , Fort Collins
1997 Ford F-350, January 2015

"I was very pleased with the repairs to my vehicle as well as the personnel."

Ina , Fort Collins
2010 Hyundai Sonata, January 2015

"I was amazed at the time it took to complete the work. Thank you Auto Collision Experts!" 

Liliana , Greeley
2010 Hyundai Genesis, January 2015

"They took care of everything."

Stephen , Fort Collins
2008 Mazda 3, January 2015

"I was out of town during the repairs and it was ready when I got back. Quite satisfactory!" 

Shirley , Fort Collins
2007 Buick Rainier, January 2015

"Alan and the staff are knowledgeable and friendly. Thank you for your continued excellent service."

Stacey , Windsor
2002 Nissan Altima, January 2015

"They kept me up to date on all repairs and timing.  They are very great people to talk to and work with - they made the whole experience extremely easy!"

Maggie , Evans
2008 Suzuki SX4, December 2014

"I'm very satisfied and very pleased with the overall experience."

Ronald , Wellington
2013 Honda Pilot, December 2014

"I like working with the people of ACE and thought they did a good job!"

Mike , Fort Collins
2008 Honda Accord, December 2014

"They were very communicative, helpful and friendly. I'm a satisfied customer!" 

Sarah , Fort Collins
2005 Toyota Corolla CE, November 2014

"The shop was great to work with!"

Joy , Fort Collins
2007 Honda Odyssey, November 2014

"Everything from the repairs to the time frame were met with professional service and care.  Everything went very smoothly - thank you!"

Henry , Berthoud
2013 Toyota Prius, November 2014

"Excellent job!"

William , Fort Collins
2012 Nissan Murano, November 2014

"Positive experience with all involved."

Mary Lynn , Fort Collins
2009 Ford Escape, November 2014

"ACE did a wonderful job!  Everyone I encountered  was extremely helpful and pleasant."

Jennifer , Fort Collins
2009 Nissan Rogue, October 2014

"I had a wonderful experience and will definitely recommend Auto Collision Expers to anyone needing work done!"

Madolyn , Fort Collins
2013 Hyundai Elantra, October 2014

"Very good service and workmanship - the best I have ever been treated by a body shop.  Thanks!"

John , Loveland
1997 Lincoln Continental, October 2014

"Everyone was friendly, explained everything very well and did a good job!"

Joe , Fort Collins
2007 Nissan Murano, October 2014

"I was very impressed with the organization of business, cleanliness of the office area and the personalities of the staff."

Sharon , Fort Collins
2009 Honda CR-V, October 2014

"People seem happy working there - great atmosphere.  I've never taken my car into a place that treated me like you do.  The office staff was very helpful and friendly, everyone made me very comfortable."

Charles , Fort Collins
2004 Mercury Grand Marquis, October 2014

"They are very professional and competent group - thanks for the great service!"

Marie , Fort Collins
2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser, October 2014

"It was nice to see customer service is still alive and well!"

Anna , Rock Springs
2012 Subaru Outback, October 2014

"Melanie Gamalski is a very exceptional employee!  She was very organized and detailed with every interaction we had with her."

Donald , Fort Collins
2005 Jeep Liberty, September 2014

"I think they are very competent and do very good work - which they then stand by."

Tom , Fort Collins
2014 Ford Fusion, September 2014

"They are friendly, helpful and do great craftsmanship."

Ryan , Fort Collins
2003 GMC K2500, September 2014

"Every aspect of their service was excellent - this company was so much better in all respects than any other that i have done business with!"

Christopher , Loveland
2012 Ford Focus, September 2014

"The overall experience could not have been better. The entire process was easy and painless."

Tiffany , Greeley
2006 Scion xB, September 2014

"The complete experience was exceptional. Randy made the process very clear and easy for me. He's a professional and a tremendous asset for your company."

Ron , Fort Collins
2012 Volkswagen Jetta, September 2014

"Great service and the workmanship was fantastic."

Ben , Fort Collins
2009 Mazada 5, August 2014

"Randy at ACE was absolutely fantastic.  We walked through every step of the body work and he kept me updated with a daily call.  The level of service at ACE is off the charts.  In addition to the outstanding body work, ACE also cleaned and detailed the interior completely.  Great job, ACE!"

Charles , Fort Collins
2005 Ford F-250, August 2014

"I have had my car repaired multiple times by Auto Collision Experts and they have done a great job every time.  They know what they are doing and they're friendly and extremely helpful."

Jaimie , Fort Collins
2011 Volkswagen Tiguan, August 2014

"The staff was friendly, provided quick service and quality work.  We appreciate how fast the car was finished!"

Don , Johnstown
2013 Ford Edge, July 2014

"You are all awesome and our car looks like new again!"

Pudupakkam , Fort Collins
2014 Nissan Altima, July 2014

"This shop is great!!!"

Tyler , Loveland
2011 Jeep Patriot, July 2014

This shop was SUPER to work with. The young man was wonderful and helpful. The receptionist was such a help to me. I was really impressed overall.

Shelly , Fort Collins
2007 Toyota Prius, June 2014

"Randy was very professional and helped me the whole way."

Willow , Fort Collins
2011 Toyota Prius, June 2014

"I was pleased with the results."

Edward , Fort Collins
2012 Lexus RX350, June 2014

"This was a fabulous experience!  Randy was very knowledgeable, courteous and respectful. He communicated all facets of the repair job to me."

Randy , Fort Collins
2010 Toyota RAV4, June 2014

"They were outstanding from start to finish!  Their communication and helpfulness were incredible - Randy Gonzalez was absolutely amazing."

Marilyn , Fort Collins
2007 Toyota Prius, June 2014

"They were very professional.  I was impressed by all of the people involved - superb!"

Clayton , Fort Collins
2012 Kia Sorento, June 2014

"The customer service is great and the repairs always look awesome!"

Gerald , Fort Collins
2001 Chevrolet Suburban, May 2014

"I appreciated the shop's courteous treatment, helpfulness and the quality of the repair.  I would most definitely recommend this shop.  They exceeded my expectations."

Rita , Fort Collins
2003 Honda Pilot, May 2014

"Clean, friendly and very professional shop."

Francisco , Fort Collins
1999 Ford Mustang, May 2014

Everyone was so helpful and friendly.  Repairs were completed quickly and I was kept informed of the progress every step of the way.

Debbie , Loveland
2012 Ford Taurus, April 2014

This shop was competent, communicative and provided excellent assistance!

Gilbert , Laporte
2006 Toyota Prius, April 2014

I would use them again and also recommend them to others.  They were very courteous, helpful and efficient.

John , Greeley
2013 Hyundai Sonata, March 2014

They did an awesome job.

Lucy , Fort Collins
2004 Kia Sorento, March 2014

Auto Collision Experts was a pleasure to work with.  All staff members were courteous and professional.

Ryan , Greeley
2013 Lexus CT 200, March 2014

Have used shop four times and always have a great experience.  Staff is always courteous and professional.

Paul , Fort Collins
2002 Honda Odyssey, March 2014

We really appreciate the professional, friendly atmosphere.  Randy's calls on the updates were very helpful.  We recommend you guys to all of our friends!  Thank you!

Kim , Fort Collins
2012 Volkswagen Jetta, March 2014

The ACE staff was incredibly helpful.  The workmanship was great and I couldn't be happier.

Robin , Fort Collins
2005 Subaru Baja, March 2014

Everything was great and they exceeded expectations.  They also went above and beyond what they needed to do.  Thank you!

Jennifer , Fort Collins
2008 Lexus ES350, March 2014

The personnel is super friendly.  I love the way they cleaned my car after fixing it, I had never made it that clean myself.  Excellent job!!!!

David , Fort Collins
2000 Pontiac Grand Am SE, February 2014

It was such a great team.  I appreciate all those that I worked with.

Cynthia , Fort Collins
2004 Toyota 4Runner, February 2014

Everyone involved made the collision just a minor inconvenience!  The whole experience was pleasurable.

David , Loveland
2013 Honda Accord EX, February 2014

Customer service was excellent.

Joyce , Fort Collins
2003 Mercedes-Benz SL500, January 2014

They met all my expectations!

Mary , Loveland
2002 Lexus ES 300, January 2014

Repairs were excellent.

Thomas , Windsor
2011 Nissan Frontier, January 2014

Great experience, we have recommended them to others.

Nancy , Greeley
2010 Ford Fusion, January 2014

Service outstanding!

Stephen , Fort Collins
2007 Lexus IS250, January 2014

I was happy with every aspect of my experience with ACE.  I was able to get an appointment the next day and my car was in and out of the shop very quickly.  I was devestated when my car was hit but ACE fixed it so fast and it looked flawless in less than a week after the accident.  I'm very pleased, thank you.

Kelsey , Fort Collins
2008 Nissan Altima, January 2014

"Have used before and they do excellent work."

Steve , Fort Collins
2004 Toyota Camary, December 2013

"They were wonderful."

Bonnie , Fort Collins
2003 Subaru Forester, December 2013

"Auto Collision Experts were professional and courteous.  Our car looks brand new.  The workmanship and attention to detail exceeded our expectations."

Krista , Fort Collins
2012 Nissan Altima, December 2013

They provided excellent customer service (which goes a long way), as well as quality work.

Jessica , Fort Collins
2009 Chevrolet Traverse, December 2013

"Randy was exceptional.  He was kind, courteous, and communicated regularly.  He stayed late to wait for me.  He really went above and beyond."

Charity , Berthoud
2011 Ford Expedition, November 2013

"They were beyond my expectations.  Super.  They also gave me a loaner car.  They were great."

Lorrie , Fort Collins
2008 Ford Mustang, November 2013

"Everyone went above and beyond.  I am thrilled with the repair and the amazing service!  I will go back for future repairs."

Kelly , Fort Collins
2012 Toyota RAV4, May 2013

"Service was well beyond and excellent."

Michelle and Rich , Kersey
2008 Nissan Rogue, April 2013

"Very pleased.  Everything was great."

Gillian , Fort Collins
2013 Chrysler Town & Country, April 2013

"My experience was excellent in all areas."

Phil , Fort Collins
2006 Toyota Land Cruiser, April 2013

"They provided absolutely excellent and exceptional service throughout."

Susan , Fort Collins
2006 Honda Civic, March 2013

My experience was excellent and more than I expected.

Taylor , Fort Collins
2002 Toyota Tundra, January 2013

Outstanding customer service and quality workmanship.  Melanie and Randy were awesome!

Clark , Fort Collins
2011 Dodge Challenger, January 2013

Auto Collision Experts did a great job on my van and the customer service was excellent. Thank you!

Dana , Windsor
2001 Chevrolet Venture, December 2012

"Thumbs-up to Steve Price, owner of AutoCollisionExperts, and Vanworks for voluntarily agreeing to correct at, no charge, defects of workmanship that had become recently apparent on bodywork that had been done 10 years previously and under previous ownership. This type of business ethics engenders trust and deserve to be rewarded. Thank you."

Ron H. , Fort Collins
August 2012

I was so impressed with everyone! The customer service on every level was so refreshing. I was so happy to see it looked so nice, the quality of work was excellent & even vacuumed on the inside! I love you guys and I am super hard to please & very picky!

Laura , Windsor
2002 Honda R-V, August 2012

Auto Collision Experts was extremely helpful and met all my needs.  Their staff was very professional, courteous and kind.

Delores , Valley Stream
2003 Toyota 4Runner, August 2012

"They did a fantastic job."

Nate D. , Fort Collins
2003 GMC Envoy, January 2012

"Overall fantastic.  Great workmanship, very friendly.  This is second time I have used them."

Susan I. , Fort Collins
2010 Toyota Camry, December 2011

"Very friendly and helpful repair center; very happy with how well they repaired my car."

Melinda B. , Fort Collins
2007 Toyota Yaris, May 2011

"Great service and friendly personnel!"

Jason S. , Fort Collins
2002 Hyundai Elantra, May 2011

"Unbelievably good service!"

Lyle P. , Fort Collins
2008 BMW 335xi, May 2011

"They were awesome. Treated us like we had been customers of theirs for a long time and I like how they call you by your first name. I also like how they greet you as soon as you walk in and introduce themselves. Loved their service."

Oscar O. , Milliken
1960 Nissan Altima, May 2011

"I was extremely impressed - very professional - surroundings and personnel."

June C. , Loveland
2001 Toyota Corolla, May 2011

"Service and repair work were very good."

Kristina L , Fort Collins
2010 Volkswagen Jetta, May 2011

"I love this shop. I would never go anywhere else in Fort Collins. They are sweet, kind miracle workers. They rock! They are doing everything perfectly - they got my Jeep finished in 3 days, I couldn't believe it!"

Heather T. , Fort Collins
2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee, March 2011

"Keep up the excellent work. Excellent service. Keep it up!"

Victor P. , Fort Collins
2004 Pontiac Grand Am, February 2011