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ACE Featured In Realties For Children 'Leaders Invested In Making A Difference' Print Ad

The owner of Auto Collision Experts (ACE) was featured in a recent Realities For Children print ad in The Coloradoan.  Steve Price is proud to be a Realities For Children Gold Business Member and, proud to participate in the various fundraising events for this amazing Northern Colorado charitable organization. Quoted in the recent 'Business Leaders Invested In Making A Difference' ad, Steve Price said ... "Realities For Children and their partnership institutions are so instrumental in supporting the most vulnerable in our society. We appreciate that there is an organization to fill the gap for underprivileged and abused children and are honored to be affiliated with them as a Business Member.  After all, children makeup 20% of our society but are 100% of our future."  

Steve Price and the entire Auto Collision Experts (ACE) team stands ready to support the efforts of Realities For Children now and in the future.  For more information on Realties For Children, please visit their website.



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