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'Appreciating' Your Used Car and The Value!

Many know that hanging on to a used cars provides ample financial advantages.  Keeping and paying off that used car looks great on the credit report and on your bottom line.  Free of new car payments and years of possible interest/finance fees, the money saved by keeping that beloved pre-driven vehicle, can amount to a substantial ... amount!  ;-) Those of you reading this with used cars sitting in your driveways are probably feeling pretty smart right about now?  Well, if your brilliant financial brain can handle it, ;-), there's another great reason for hanging on to your used car and it comes to us courtesy of USA Today.  Based on their article entitled "Your Used Car Could Be Gaining In Value", depreciation data for used cars, as supplied by Kelly Blue Book, appears to be on the decline which means your used car value could be ... appreciating!  We're thinking that many of you can really ... appreciate these new findings.  For more info, check out the USA Today article from June 30, 2014.

Source:  USA Today



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