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Colorado Hashtag Campaign #baldtiressuck Gets ... Traction

Checking tire tread throughout the year, not just at the start of winter driving, is needed to ensure safe vehicle operation all-year-round. The Vail Daily publication recently published a wonderful article regarding a new state-wide safe driving campaign, centering on one simple yet significant hashtag, #baldtiressuck.  ;-). We have included a link to the article below.  As a general rule, you can use a common quarter to check the safety of your tire tread.  All you need do is stick the quarter in your tire tread, head down. If the tread covers any part of Washington's head, the tires are legally safe. For more info, please see the Vail Daily story, 'Can A Hashtag Make Driving Vail Pass More Safe During The Winter Months?'

Source:  The Vail Daily


Kevin Reszel

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