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Driving Under the Influence ... of Google Glasses?

It appears that alcohol, drugs and texting are now NOT the only forms of distracted and/or Driving Under the Influence (DUI) offenses.  The wearing of Google Glasses may soon be added to a growing list of technology DRIVEN violations. is reporting that a woman near San Diego California was recently pulled over and ticketed for speeding AND for wearing Google Glasses while driving.  After the speeding ticket was issued, the officer issued a second ticket for "driving with [a] monitor visible to the driver". goes on to say that the officer issuing the citations specifically wrote "Google Glass" on the ticket. California state code specifies that drivers cannot have a video monitor or "any other similar means of visually displaying a television broadcast or video signal that produces entertainment or business applications" that is visible while driving.  

With the popularity of Google Glasses on the rise and this latest incident widely reported, many Californians are now asking the questions ... Should the driver have been ticketed?  Does the use of Google Glasses fall into the California state code pertaining to "driving with [a] monitor visible to the driver"?  

After reading the article, we couldn't help but wonder ourselves ... how will Colorado enforce the use of Google Glasses behind the wheel?  Better yet, should any driver in any state be allowed to wear Google Glasses while driving or are they a dangerous distraction?  Would the use of Google Glasses impair your ability to drive?  Too many questions and very few answers right now!  ;-)  What do you think NOCO?  




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