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Prom Night Driving Safety Revisited

Spring prom season is upon us again and we thought it prudent to revisit some tried and true prom night driving safety tips to keep all teens safe during this dangerous time of the year. We applaud the efforts of the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and their newest anti-impaired driving campaign called, The Heat Is On.  As the CDOT website reminds us all, "motor vehicle crashes are the number one leading cause of death among teens."  

The following tips, as provided by the CDOT website, should most certainly help parents and teens safely navigate the 2014 prom Spring season.

  • Don't get into a vehicle with a driver you think may be drunk or high, even if they say they are fine.
  • Have an emergency transportation plan ready, someone you can call to pick you up if you find yourself in a dangerous situation.
  • Call *CSP (*277) or 911 if you think someone is impaired and behind the wheel. Feel empowered to save the life of a friend or fellow classmate.
  • Many schools offer an alcohol-free after party. Take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy even more time with your friends in a safe place.


Department of Transporation

The ACE team wishes all NOCO families a safe and happy prom season.

Source:  The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)




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