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Teen Driver Tech Safety. There's An App For That and Then Some!

With the advent of new apps and technology, parents have more choices today than ever to keep their newly-minted teen drivers safe.  As CBS News reports in their article "High-Tech Solutions to Car Safety for Teen Drivers", two new apps on the market provide not only high-tech safety solutions, but peace of mind for anxious parents.  

The first app is called Truvolo, a dual device and app system working in concert to alert young drivers, and their parents, of vehicle issues BEFORE they leave the driveway.  The Truvolo device plugs into the vehicle diagnostics port and upon vehicle start, runs a self-diagnostic check seeking out and finding mechanical issues. The device then sends data via Bluetooth to the Truvolo smartphone app ... allowing for early detection of vehicle issues and a breakdown free journey for drivers young and old.

The second app reviewed in the CBS article is called Agent, an Android platform app designed to help parents track the driving behavior of their teen.  Parents are alerted with text messages if their teen driver is driving in an erratic way, reporting speed, location, etc.  While teen drivers might not like 'big brother-esk' ;-) devices and apps monitoring their automotive behavior, parents can rest a little easier knowing their children are safe on the road 24/7. For more information on Truvolo and Agent, please see the full CBS article here.

Teen Driver Safety Apps

Source:  CBS News




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