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Thankful Reflection

As we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday today, let us all take a moment to reflect and focus on six little individual letters ...

Six little individual letters that when put together, make for a powerful word ...

A powerful word often overused and overlooked this time of year.  Dismissed by some as nothing more than a seasonal greeting instead of a purpose for life ...

A purpose for life OR a purposeful life ...

Spent Thinking about how to show appreciation in times of adversity.

Spent Honoring the dedication of others.

Spent Allowing for change that is quite obviously is beyond our control.

Spent Nurturing those around us that require it most.

Spent Knowing that we can all make a difference, no matter how great or small.

Spent Seeing the joy that surrounds us everyday.

Make no mistake.  Giving THANKS on Thanksgiving and the remaining 364-days of the year instills a sense of THANKsgiving in all of us.  As we progress through the seasonal and emotional transition from the fleeting warmth of Fall to the cool reality of Winter, let us not forget about those six little letters and the powerful word that helps each and everyone of us find truth and our own individual reason for this most awesome and precious season.

Happy Thanksgiving from the entire Auto Collision Experts (ACE) family.




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